Best Travel Guide to Visit San Juan

Travel Guide to Visit San Juan

If you want to experience the intoxicating beaches and breathtaking greeneries of the jungles along with incredible food and cultural history, then you must visit San Juan. The place is a beauty with a vibrant Street, neighborhood and friendly locals. The city has good beach views and travelers must visit the place soon.

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Best things to experience in San Juan 

When visiting San Juan, there are some of these things that you should not miss:

  1. Visit the beaches specially the seven seas beach.
  2. Visit the historical and cultural monuments.
  3. Calle Fortaleza is one of the most attractive places in San Juan. The cobblestone street is known for its cotton candy painted hues.
  4. Visit the art Street at Museo de las Americas.
  5. Visit Cavernas de Camuy park which is spread across 250 acres of caves and is one of the largest parks in the world.
  6. Visit Isla Verde water bodies.
  7. You want to experience captivating bioluminescence after the dark then you must visit the mosquito bay.

Food and Drinks in San Juan 

San Juan is one of the best places for the foodies as Puerto Rico is filled with flavours and different kinds of cuisines. The most popular dish is mofongo, rum and Barrilito.

  • For your breakfast or brunch, La casita Blanca is the perfect place to fill up your morning food cravings.
  • People visiting San Juan must visit La Alcapurria for their satisfying lunch or dinner.
  • For your fancy evening you can visit Vianda, where you get delicious meals from farm to table.
  • For the vegetarians Cafe Playero is the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner and has huge options for vegetarian dishes, tacos sandwiches, cocktails and their special category known as the frozen cocktails.
  • If you are a seafood lover then Ernestina is a place where you get super tasty Steve food and other kinds of fish for your lunch and dinner.

How to Get Around in San Juan?

It is completely your choice whether you want to book a public transportation or a private mode of transport. Uber cabs are easily found through the city as well as the buses also run on the street. For reliability, you can also take the light rail.

If you want to experience the beauty of Puerto Rico then there are tour buses and shuttles, which you can easily, take and explore the island. Go through Spirit Airlines Group Travel Policy for your easy travel.

When is the best time to visit San Juan?

If you want to experience San Juan, then we suggest you visit during the Winters. A place experience is at a high peak during this time as travelers from all parts of the world visit to experience colder climates.

You may also face high prices hotels along with huge crowds during this time. The place is never at ease throughout the year and those searching for budget constraint travel can visit the place from September to November.

What is Spirit Airlines Name Change Policy?

Travelers wishing to change their names in Spirit Airlines for free can easily do it if the name change is done only for a minor misspelling or any typing mistake. If you have canceled your ticket and reboot it under the correct name 60 days before the departure or within 24 hours.

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The airlines also allow you to change the name on the ticket if you have got any legal name changes due to marriage adoption and other related reasons where you can provide the supporting document and change your name.


San Juan is a perfect place for travelers who wish to experience the mesmerizing beauty of the beaches as well as the jungles. The place sees travelers throughout the year and is recommended by all those who have visited the place before.

You can easily book cheap flight tickets from Spirit Airlines and also go through the Spirit Group Travel policy, to book your ticket in an emergency. Pack your bags and visit the place this winter.


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