Can You Drink Pomegranate Juice if You Have GERD?

For those who’ve skilled heartburn, you understand that it may be a painful expertise.

Heartburn is a burning sensation that you just really feel within the chest. It happens when abdomen acid travels up the esophagus, a course of referred to as reflux (1).

Reflux could cause meals to regurgitate, enhance irritation over time, and intervene with swallowing. A extra severe type of heartburn is called gastroesophageal reflux illness (GERD) (1).

Oftentimes, signs will be managed by modifying your food plan and way of life. Acidic meals are a typical heartburn set off and are discovered in lots of fruits and juices, so generally it’s useful to keep away from them.

That begs the query: what sorts of juices are you able to get pleasure from in case you expertise heartburn? At the moment, we’ll dive particularly into pomegranate juice and its results on heartburn, plus some ideas for lowering reflux.

Pomegranate juice is made out of extracting the liquid portion of a pomegranate fruit by way of juicing. Therefore, water-soluble vitamins like vitamin C stay within the last product.

Nonetheless, pomegranate juice lacks fiber, for the reason that seeds and flesh are discarded.

Pomegranate juice is sort of excessive in acid, with the overall acidity being 1.1 grams of acid current in 100cm3 of juice (about 3.4 ounces, or simply underneath half a serving) (2).

Its predominant types are citric and L-malic acids, with the previous being a number of occasions increased in acidity (2).

Acidic meals, together with acidic juices like pomegranate juice, might set off heartburn for some people who dwell with this situation. It’s because the acidity might immediately irritate the skinny pores and skin that covers the esophagus (3).

Right here’s a doable rationalization: Since we all know that growing fiber consumption can assist scale back reflux, it could be that by eradicating fiber from the pomegranate, the impact of acidity on reflux will increase with out that protecting buffer (4).

Needless to say pomegranate juice might not set off reflux in everybody. Acidic drinks and reflux have combined analysis — some research have discovered a optimistic correlation, whereas others discovered an inverse relationship (4).

Additionally do not forget that acidic fruits usually are not inherently dangerous in your well being. Regardless of the favored “alkaline food plan,” avoiding acidic fruits like pomegranate received’t change your physique’s pH degree, which is tightly regulated.


Pomegranate juice is very acidic. Though acidic meals and drinks aren’t inherently dangerous, they could set off heartburn and reflux in some folks. Acidic juice could also be notably prone to set off these situations because it has no fiber.

There are numerous the explanation why somebody might develop reflux. Threat components embrace (4):

  • being pregnant
  • smoking
  • caffeine and alcohol
  • sure medicines, equivalent to calcium channel blockers
  • hiatal hernia
  • elevated esophageal publicity to acid

Reflux is usually accompanied by different digestive signs, like indigestion, higher abdomen ache, nausea, bloating, and belching (1).

Dietary triggers can enhance threat of reflux, and acidic juices like pomegranate juice are quite common ones. It’s because the acidity might immediately irritate the skinny pores and skin that covers the esophagus (3).

This can be complicated, since consuming entire vegatables and fruits is related to lowered reflux occurrences, no matter whether or not they’re acidic or not (5).

However as with many issues regarding digestion, pomegranate juice is only one piece of the puzzle. Different components which will have an effect on reflux embrace macronutrient distribution, meal timing, and meal quantity (3).

Listed below are 14 methods to forestall heartburn and acid reflux disorder, taking these myriad components into consideration.


One dietary set off is only one piece of the puzzle behind heartburn and reflux. There are different components and meals which will contribute to your signs.

For those who expertise reflux and are searching for different fruit juices, select ones which can be decrease in acidity.

In response to Clemson College, decrease acidity fruits embrace melons, papayas, mangoes, cherries, pears, and figs. These could possibly be good different juice choices in case you’re attempting to handle reflux and heartburn (6).

As a normal guideline, greens comprise much less acid than fruits. For those who’d like, choosing inexperienced juices made with spinach, carrots, cucumbers, and celery can also be a superb possibility.


Contemplate selecting decrease acidity juices to scale back reflux, equivalent to papaya juice, mango juice, or vegetable-based juices.

It’s necessary to take heed to your physique and discover your individual degree of tolerance for acidic meals and drinks.

For those who get pleasure from pomegranate juice, strive these tricks to scale back threat for reflux:

  • Get pleasure from pomegranate juice with meals. Consuming acidic juices or different dietary triggers on an empty abdomen might worsen signs (7).
  • Get pleasure from pomegranate juice flat moderately than combined with carbonated (glowing) water for a “spritzer” drink, as carbonated drinks can set off reflux (4).
  • Attempt diluting pomegranate juice with water to scale back its focus and due to this fact the quantity of acid you’re ingesting.

Listed below are another methods to scale back threat of reflux (8):

  • Attempt strolling after meals and keep away from mendacity down.
  • Attempt to wait 3 hours after consuming to sleep.
  • Put on loose-fitting clothes, particularly across the waist.
  • Be conscious of lowering different widespread dietary triggers like caffeine, alcohol, spicy meals, excessive fats meals, chocolate, and mint.
  • Observe stress administration and wholesome sleep hygiene.
  • Attempt elevating your head 6-8 inches when sleeping.
  • Contemplate nutritional vitamins and dietary supplements.


To scale back your threat of reflux, get pleasure from pomegranate juice mindfully and with meals. As effectively, watch out with different dietary triggers like espresso, spicy meals, and alcohol, and modify your way of life as wanted.

Pomegranate juice is a refreshing beverage that’s wealthy in vitamin C. Nonetheless, it may possibly set off reflux and heartburn as a result of its excessive acidity content material and low fiber content material.

With that being stated, reflux and heartburn triggers aren’t one-size-fits-all. Whereas some folks could also be extremely delicate to acidic juices like pomegranate juice, others might not.

For those who benefit from the style of pomegranate juice, you possibly can strive ingesting it in conscious parts together with a meal. Take heed to your physique and discover the portion and way of life that works greatest for you.

For those who’d like, you can even strive lower-acidity options like mango juice, papaya juice, and vegetable juice, which can be much less prone to set off reflux and heartburn.

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