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Chris Bumstead and his low season efforts are apparently heating up judging by how typically he’s been coaching within the gymnasium recently. In a latest YouTube video, Bumstead demonstrated a collection of arm exercises as he goals to right any weaknesses in preparation for 2022 Olympia this December.

Acknowledged as one of the well-liked Basic Physique bodybuilders within the sport, Bumstead garnered a variety of consideration quick as an IFBB Professional. He’s a three-time Basic Physique Olympia champion, and first gained the celebrated title again in 2019, the place he defeated his predecessor Breon Ansley in spectacular vogue. The Basic Physique Olympia title has been firmly held in Bumstead’s palms since successful it a number of years in the past.

Bumstead made his technique to 2020 Olympia decided to show to the world that he was nonetheless the primary Basic Physique bodybuilder within the sport. He did simply that and defended his title in 2020. Then, he proceeded to comply with up the efficiency by returning to 2021 Olympia the subsequent 12 months, the place he overwhelmed his friends once more with sharp aesthetics and balanced conditioning.

“C-Bum” has gone to appreciable lengths to take care of his championship-caliber physique. He caught COVID-19 final 12 months and misplaced a major quantity of weight in consequence. Nonetheless, the champion is attacking his prep totally and consumes a 5,000-calorie weight-reduction plan every day so as to compensate for the burden misplaced from the virus. Regardless of the hardships, Bumstead is aware of how you can flip it up when it’s time to take coaching to the subsequent degree.

Chris Bumstead Full Arm Day Exercise Record

* Units and reps are represented as precisely as attainable utilizing the footage offered

Chris Bumstead Front Double Bicep Pose
Chris Bumstead (by way of @cbum)

Cable Triceps Pushdown

Chris Bumstead determined to start out the arm day train routine with cable triceps pushdowns. He practiced two units for ten reps.

“So, we’re switching out the essential stuff I usually do on this. Chris Bumstead defined. I’m aiming to get one thing beneath ten reps or shut to 10 reps.”

Dumbbell Incline Cranium Crusher

Bumstead likes to combine in several exercises to garner higher leads to coaching classes. He opted for Cranium Crusher workouts as a result of he has a nasty shoulder. The 27-year-old practiced three units for 10-12 reps throughout this motion.

“Alright second train, I’m doing two tris, two bis, one tri, two bis, like that. The second tricep train I’m doing cranium crusher dumbbell due to a bum shoulder. I at all times find yourself getting lopsided, so I attempt to deal with doing no less than one factor unilateral.” Chris added. If it’s straightforward, I’ll go to 16.” 

The Canadian native had a small professional tip to supply. He brings his elbows ahead, so as to get in a number of extra reps throughout this train.

“However simply discover once I begin from a cranium crusher, I convey my elbows ahead once I’m drained to get a number of extra reps.”

Barbell Biceps Preacher Curl

Bumstead is adamant that one in all his downside physique elements are his arms. He extremely recommended utilizing biceps preacher curls to attain higher arm progress. Earlier than transferring on to the subsequent train, Chris carried out three units for 4-6 reps.

“Man. Preacher curls I’m telling you… for those who’re somebody like me with small biceps and so they gained’t develop. Learn to do, to start with, learn to do one factor completely. And I’m telling you, learn to do preacher curls completely and your arms will develop.

It’s the best technique to simply focus in your bicep and fuc*in pull as onerous as you possibly can.” Bumstead shared.


Standing Dumbbell Biceps Curl

Transferring on to a basic train subsequent, Bumstead determined to carry out standing dumbbell biceps curls.

“Good outdated basic dumbbell curls. These are actually attempting to deal with rotating my wrist as a result of I’ve such a brief bicep. For me, beginning to hit that peak actually comes from rotating the wrist. Once I do that, I discover my biceps burn extra within the peak.” 

He practiced three units for 10-12 reps throughout this exercise.

Standing Single Arm Cable Triceps Extension

For his second to the final train, Bumstead labored in two units for 15 reps of standing single arm cable extensions. 

“Alright second to final train, again to triceps. Doing a cable motion, it’s one in all my favorites, it’s like a cross-body cable motion. You get a very good stretch and a very good contraction. You’ll be able to sort of cheat, however it nonetheless feels very remoted in your triceps. So ending off with simply two units of this. Going to go slightly lighter on this one, like 15 reps.”

Standing Cable Hammer Biceps Curl 

Throughout his closing motion, Chris opted to hit two units of standing cable hammer biceps curls for 10 reps. Bumstead appreciated this train as a result of it hit his Brachialis. 

“It nonetheless feels good. I can nonetheless really feel my Brachialis working, it’s quite a bit totally different than the extraordinarily pronated progress. So ending off with two units of this, first one was 10 reps, second one goes to be a drop set, so no matter I’ve to do to recover from 25 reps and that’s it.” 

Along with arms, Bumstead has been busy within the gymnasium and shared a brutal ‘quad burning’ leg day exercise. The reigning champion solely appears to be warming up for his season, so followers shall be privy to some extra exercises within the close to future. 

It’s evident how a lot more durable Bumstead is pushing the tempo throughout coaching recently. The adorned Professional has even made followers conscious of his cycle for this 12 months’s season. He talked about that general, he’s ‘decreased all the pieces’ in his cycle and believes he appears significantly better. 

Chris Bumstead advised followers that he was utilizing 4 or 5 compounds again when he was simply beginning out however is simply utilizing round two compounds proper now. Bodybuilding veteran and former 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout mirrored on Bumstead’s cycle and made it some extent to say that even seven-time Mr. Olympia Arnold Schwarzenegger was ‘at his finest’ on two substances throughout his heyday. 

Watch the complete YouTube exercise video under:

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With 2022 Olympia on the horizon, Bumstead as regular plans to convey a refined look that’s even higher than what he introduced finally 12 months’s present. Judging by his latest arms day exercise, Bumstead’s low season preparations are transferring alongside properly. 

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