Common Bench Press By Age, Weight, Gender, and Expertise Stage

It’s no secret the bench press is among the most badass workout routines. Answering “How a lot do you bench?” with an obnoxious quantity has turn into a legit means of creating your clout amongst the health club bros.

Whereas this query would possibly sound like informal inquiry, it’s something however that. Your reply will decide the respect you’ll get from folks at your health club. It’s going to dictate whether or not people at your health club will vacate the bench or some other tools, for that matter, as quickly as you stroll as much as it. Lastly, your response will resolve if you should have an viewers while you head right into a set.

The bench press is among the three large lifts in powerlifting and a bread and butter train in bodybuilding fashion exercises. Nevertheless, powerlifters and bodybuilders have a barely completely different strategy to performing the train. 

Whereas powerlifters carry out the elevate with a again bridge, bodybuilders often carry out the motion with a slight again arch. Amongst different issues, the rep tempo, repetitions carried out, bar’s movement path, and foot placement fluctuate between the 2 lifting kinds.

On this article, you’ll study in regards to the common bench press by age, gender, weight, and expertise degree, methods to carry out the bench press with the proper kind, and get higher on the elevate.

Common Bench Press By Age, Weight, Expertise Stage, and Gender

Earlier than we get into the typical bench press nitty-gritty, let’s tackle the elephant within the room — arm size. 

Your arm size can affect your bench press. Many individuals consider that lifters with shorter limbs can bench press extra weights than people with longer limbs because the bar has to maneuver via a shorter vary of movement.

It may very well be one of many causes the bench-pressing totals on the NFL and NBA draft combines are vastly completely different.

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How a lot can the typical man bench press?

The common male bench press is determined by a number of components, together with a lifter’s age, weight, and expertise degree.

Common Male Bench Press by Weight

The Bench Press

Beneath is the Nationwide Energy and Conditioning Affiliation-approved ExRx.web official Bench Press Requirements chart:

Physique weight (kilos) Untrained Novice Intermediate Superior Elite
114 85 110 130 180 220
123 90 115 140 195 240
132 100 125 155 210 260
148 110 140 170 235 290
165 120 150 185 255 320
181 130 165 200 275 345
198 135 175 215 290 360
220 140 185 225 305 380
242 145 190 230 315 395
275 150 195 240 325 405
319 155 200 245 335 415
320+ 160 205 250 340 425

Per the information, a complicated or elite male athlete can, on common, elevate greater than twice as a lot weight as a person who doesn’t elevate.

Beneath is the Bench Press Requirements chart from Symmetric Energy:

Physique weight (kilos) Untrained Novice Intermediate Superior Distinctive Elite World Class
114 70 105 140 200 230 260 290
123 75 110 150 220 250 280 310
132 80 120 160 235 265 300 335
148 90 130 175 225 295 330 365
165 95 145 190 280 320 360 400
181 100 150 205 295 340 380 425
198 105 160 215 310 355 400 445
220 110 170 225 325 375 420 465
242 115 175 230 340 385 435 485
275 120 180 240 350 400 450 500
320 125 185 245 360 410 460 510

Notice: These requirements apply when the bar makes contact with the chest above the underside of the sternum with a momentary pause and pressed to full elbow extension.

How a lot can the typical girl bench press?

Ladies, on common, can’t elevate as heavy as their male counterparts of the identical age, weight, and expertise degree.

Common Feminine Bench Press by Weight

Female Bench Press

Per the identical ExRx.web official Bench Press Requirements chart listed above, right here is the typical bench press of girls of various weights and expertise ranges:

Physique weight (kilos) Untrained Novice Intermediate Superior Elite
97 50 65 75 95 115
105 55 70 80 100 125
114 60 75 85 110 135
123 65 80 90 115 140
132 70 85 95 125 150
148 75 90 105 135 165
165 80 95 115 145 185
181 85 110 120 160 195
198 90 115 130 165 205
199+ 95 120 140 175 220

In contrast to males, ladies on the superior lifting stage can’t bench press twice as a lot because the females who don’t prepare. Nevertheless, elite athletes can elevate greater than twice as a lot as their non-lifting friends.

The next is the Symmetric Energy Bench Press Requirements chart for ladies:

Physique weight (kilos) Untrained Novice Intermediate Superior Distinctive Elite World Class
97 45 65 90 130 150 165 185
105 65 95 125 185 210 235 265
114 70 105 140 200 230 260 290
123 75 110 150 220 250 280 310
132 80 120 160 235 265 300 335
148 90 130 175 255 295 330 365
165 95 145 190 280 320 360 400
181 100 150 205 295 340 380 425
198 105 160 215 310 355 400 445
200 105 160 215 315 360 400 445

Common Male and Feminine Bench Press by Age

Age Whole Weight
20-29 100% of your physique weight
30-39 90 p.c of your physique weight
40-49 80 p.c of your physique weight
50-59 75 p.c of your physique weight

You shouldn’t get beneath a bar and anticipate to bench press 100% of your physique weight simply since you’re in your 20s. Relying in your genetics, you might need to coach for at the very least a few years to succeed in the benchmarks talked about within the desk.

Bench Press

In line with the information, lifters (female and male) are often the strongest of their 20s and 30s. Nevertheless, they expertise muscle and energy atrophy of their 40s and 50s.

On common, women and men between 20 and 29 can bench press 100% of their physique weight. The quantity goes right down to 90 p.c after they enter their 30s.

The bench press energy undergoes an extra downgrade as a median particular person can solely elevate 80 p.c of their physique weight of their 40s and 75 p.c of their 50s.

A fall in pure testosterone ranges is among the largest causes for the energy downgrade. Testosterone is the male intercourse hormone and an anabolic steroid. It performs a key function within the improvement of male reproductive organs and secondary sexual traits equivalent to elevated muscle and bone mass and physique hair development.

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Total Common Male and Feminine Bench Press

Per the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention’s Nationwide Heart for Well being Statistics (CDC), a median American male weighs 197.8 kilos, which means the typical bench press of a person in his 20s who doesn’t elevate is 135 kilos or 175 kilos for a rookie lifter. The common bench press jumps to 215 kilos for an intermediate lifter, 290 kilos for a complicated lifter, and 360 kilos for an elite athlete. [1]

Alternatively, a median American feminine clocks in at 170.5 kilos. As per the desk above, a 165 kilos girl (closest to 170.5 kilos) with no lifting expertise can bench press 80 kilos or 95 for a novice.

The common bench press jumps to 115 kilos for an intermediately skilled girl of common weight and 145 kilos for a complicated lifter.

Calculate Your 1RM (One Rep Max)

Now that you understand the typical bench press on your age, weight, gender, and expertise degree, the following step ought to be to find out your one-rep max, which means how a lot weight you may elevate for a single rep on the bench press.

Whilst you might discover your 1RM with the trial and error technique, it’s dangerous and will result in accidents. Take a look at our handy bench press calculator to find your one-rep max utilizing completely different strategies.

Learn how to Bench Press

In case your objective is to elevate heavy and hit a PR, you must observe the powerlifting bench press technique. That is methods to bench press like a powerlifter:

  1. Lie down on a flat bench. Your chest ought to be instantly beneath the bar.
  2. Seize the bar tightly with a barely wider than shoulder-width grip.
  3. Slowly pull your self in direction of the bar so that you just kind a again bridge.
  4. Plant your toes firmly on the ground. Your decrease legs ought to kind a 90-degree angle along with your higher legs.
  5. Unrack the bar and maintain it over your chest — this might be your beginning place.
  6. Slowly decrease the bar in direction of the underside of your breastbone till you have got made contact along with your chest.
  7. Pause on the backside for a few seconds.
  8. Explode again to the beginning place.
  9. Repeat for advisable reps.

Take a look at our barbell bench press (chest) information to learn to carry out the train for attaining muscle hypertrophy. 

Learn how to Enhance Your Bench Press

Listed below are just a few methods to enhance your bench press:

1. Progressive Overloading

If you wish to enhance your bench press, you must step by step improve the burden, frequency, or variety of repetitions in your energy coaching routine.

Nevertheless, be sure to’re not speeding via the method and biting off greater than you may chew. Give attention to lifting with the proper kind to reduce the chance of damage.

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2. Incorporate Superior Coaching Methods Into Coaching

Superior coaching ideas like supersets, dropsets, intraset stretching, negatives, and compelled reps might help you construct energy and keep away from hitting a plateau.

Moreover, performing different compound and isolation lifts can construct your major and secondary muscle tissue and enhance your bench press.

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3. Give attention to Eating regimen

You can not obtain peak efficiency if you happen to’re not assembly your every day calorie, micro, and macronutrient objectives. Observe a nutrient-dense food plan to make sure your good points don’t stall.

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4. Don’t Overlook Restoration

It doesn’t matter how arduous you’re employed within the health club — you’re not going to see progress if you happen to’re not giving your physique sufficient time to relaxation and recuperate out of your exercises.

You also needs to embrace stretching, foam rolling, and massages into your routine to fast-track your restoration.

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What is an efficient bench press for a male?

It’s a subjective query, and the reply is determined by your age, weight, gender, and expertise degree. Please discuss with the desk above to examine the bench press weight in opposition to your physique weight. The numbers within the superior and elite columns might be thought-about ‘good.’

Which muscle teams does the bench press goal?

In a bench press, the chest is the first goal muscle, and your shoulders and triceps are the secondary muscle teams.

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Wrapping Up

Whether or not the bench press is the proper train to evaluate your energy is a debate for an additional time. Nevertheless, realizing the typical bench press by age, weight, gender, expertise degree, and the way you stack in opposition to it can provide you a good thought of your energy ranges.

Keep in mind, if you happen to can bench your personal physique weight or extra, don’t be shy to flaunt your numbers the following time somebody directs a “How a lot do you bench?” at you. Relaxation assured, they’ll stroll away impressed.


  1. McDowell MA, Fryar CD, Ogden CL, Flegal KM. Anthropometric reference knowledge for youngsters and adults: United States, 2003–2006. Nationwide well being statistics stories; no 10. Hyattsville, MD: Nationwide Heart for Well being Statistics. 2008.

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