Developing Team Building for Team Synergy

What’s making good use of the 21st Century without acquiring 21st Century skills? There is an entire list of these skills to master. However, team building is an effective way to begin.

As the team develops strong learning skills, every individual is able to improve communication, motivation, and productivity, and produce synergized results. Teambuilding activities play a very important role in improving employee performance and productivity at work.

While we all have known Dubai as an enabling ground for companies and businesses to grow and thrive, there is more to it. It also hosts summer camps for all ages to help develop adequate skills and get ready for professional life. These corporate activities are designed to instill these skills in your learning;

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Adaptability
  • Trust Building

Let’s take a look at some of the popular team-building activities in Dubai that promise synergy:

Popular Teambuilding Activities for Organizations

Two Truths and a Lie

This activity helps to develop communication and utilizes the incorporation of an icebreaker to break the tense air prior to the communication. This activity hardly takes 15-20 minutes but gives great results for the learners.

The players enrolled in the activity begin by writing down two truths and one lie on a piece of paper and folding it. They do not reveal what they write to anyone. Once every player has completed writing two truths and a lie, everyone interacts for 10-15 minutes. During this time, they converse and try to figure out what the other person’s truths and a lie are, by asking them questions.

Once the lie revelation begins, everyone tries to figure out the lie, thereby encouraging communication and a conversational period. This activity allows you to play games and also know your team members for better understanding, which is vital for teamwork and growth.

Picture Pieces Game

This 30-minute activity focuses on developing problem-solving skills among the team members. The leader is able to choose a well-known picture, with more detail and less negative space. This picture is then cut down into equal squares and puzzle pieces are handed out to each individual. They are instructed to create an exact copy of the original piece, except that it’s five times bigger than the original size.

This activity allows them to see how their individual work is able to affect the entire picture. Once every individual has completed their part of the puzzle, they come together and form the complete picture. This reflects how departments work and helps each member to understand their role and contribute towards the overall result.

Paper Towel

This activity is small and quick, yet it is able to help the members understand and build their planning skills. It takes into account the planning, timing, and thinking aspects of ensuring the success of any plan/strategy.

Every member of the team is given a single sheet of paper and told to construct the tallest standing tree using it in just five minutes. While everyone tries to make a standing technique using different skill sets, the goal is to make sure that the tree stands at a maximum height.

Once the time runs out, everyone reviews the structures and conducts the discussion to see what went wrong, and possible ways to overcome it next time.

Eye Contact

The 5-minute activity helps build trust among the team members and doesn’t require any equipment. Yet, make sure to have an even number of team members.

Making eye contact is sometimes really difficult for people. It requires an amount of trust and respect to look into someone’s eyes. Many people tend to avoid it, while others aren’t good at it. They may look away, or appear awkward and uncomfortable. This eye contact exercise helps them become more comfortable and develop trust among the employees.

All of the team stand in pairs, facing each other and staring at their partners for 60 seconds. They should not be wearing any sunglasses. Initially, there may be some giggles, then awkward moments, but once the employee gets a hang of it, they can continue with their eye contact for a prolonged period of time.

The Takeaway

In all, learning team-building skills is important for every individual. Student or employee, these skills are essential to develop synergy and increase work productivity. Many organizations host team-building activities that strengthen their employees’ skill sets. While some host in-house training, others outsource it to third parties and incorporate outdoor activities, such as zipline in Dubai. Such collaborations and teamwork are themselves examples of team building.

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