ECLIPSE EHR Vs. ChartPerfect EHR: a guide towards a happy practice

Finding the appropriate software to rely on is the ideal first step for any medical professional setting up a secure business. Finding what you’re looking for, however, can be challenging. This is why this article will compare two EHRs that appear to have similar features but have very different billing procedures, data entry policies, and even pricing structures. Eclipse Chiropractic software might offer superior templates, but at the same time, ChartPerfect may give a better user experience for you. This article will compare the features of these two software.

ECLIPSE Practice Management EHR Software

In order to provide a complete EHR solution, a software engineer and a chiropractor created ECLIPSE practice management in 1985. ECLIPSE, the first practice management system to run on the Microsoft Platform, is now used by hundreds of doctors across the nation. The business’s owners first put out the idea of organizing cases under a single distinguishing ID.

ECLIPSE Practice Management EHR Features

Friendly user interface

Even after over 25 years in the business, the practice management solution has maintained a “state-of-the-art” user interface by keeping up with changing technologies and design fads. Hundreds of users in multi-site, multi-disciplinary practices presently use the system, which was originally created for solo practitioners.

Schedule synchronization

The platform now incorporates “Real-Time Data Flow,” which synchronizes the scheduler with mobile forms and quickly notifies users of changes to any patient records they are currently working on.

Pre-built templates

The customizable SOAP system for ECLIPSE EHR’s third release is rapid, simple to use, and complies with the legally required “Structured Data” standard for SOAPs and Histories. Using pre-made, customizable templates enables clinicians to swiftly record typical encounters.

ECLIPSE Practice Management EHR Pricing

The company’s pricing range starts at $1995. Consumers can choose from a wide range of price alternatives.

ECLIPSE Practice Management EHR Demo

Before making a decision, you should take a look at their demo, which is crucial because it provides some insight. Given that it is a free feature, why not use it?

ECLIPSE Practice Management EHR Reviews

The program streamlines the billing process and facilitates patient appointment requests. The practice management solution’s users are unable to get in touch with support staff members directly by email or online chat.

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ChartPerfect EHR Software

Dermatology, internal medicine, cardiology, dermatology, pediatrics, plastic and reconstructive surgery, podiatry, rheumatology, and urology are among the medical disciplines for which the electronic health record system ChartPerfect is suitable. ChartPerfect should be used by practices with up to 10 doctors and 100 staff members.

ChartPerfect EHR Features

Mobile app supported

Because the program includes a mobile app, users and their patients may access crucial information such as patient records, login passwords, and reminders remotely from their devices. This greatly simplifies both the users’ and their patients’ daily tasks.

In-built pharmacy

ChartPerfect can transmit CCD data to another practitioner, a referral, or a nearby hospital. Also, the system is pre-loaded with the SureScripts national pharmacy list. Users can handle new prescriptions, transfer narcotic-class drugs, and complete electronic refills.

Easy interface

Chartperfect is highly user-friendly, with a design based on the widely used Microsoft Word program. Data entry is quick and simple because of the similarities; using ChartPerfect EMR software, a basic follow-up visit could be documented in less than five minutes.

ChartPerfect EHR Pricing

Prices for doctors and mid-level providers vary. The cost per month is $399.

ChartPerfect EHR Demo

Although there are no free versions or trials, you can glance at their sample to get a basic idea of how the software functions or what it can do.

ChartPerfect EHR Reviews

Positive online reviews for the software are available. The ChartPerfect EHR system is a great choice for most healthcare organizations, and it is also fairly priced.


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ECLIPSE Practice Management EHR Vs. ChartPerfect EHR Software—Final Thoughts

Although possessing a lot of features, both ECLIPSE Practice Management and ChartPerfect have been underutilized for a long. The features of the ChartPerfect EMR software, such as a color-coded scheduling module, electronic eligibility checks, digital superbills, and claim-to-scrub, make complex billing processes simpler and more effective. One-click patient statements, drag-and-drop copays, and ERA downloads are further deluxe features of the payment module.

At the same time, ECLIPSE Practice Management transforms how medicine is practiced. ECLIPSE is used by practices for patient engagement, creating bespoke payer forms, and billing. Workflow is improved by the office managers’ capacity to monitor and edit several appointments, patients, and services simultaneously. To avoid interfering with ongoing work, pop-ups and notifications can be retrieved and handled in different windows or patient folders.

Compared to ChartPerfect, whose starting price is much lower, ECLIPSE is substantially more expensive.

You can decide which one best meets your needs while considering that there is no such thing as perfect software.


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