Hessonite Gemstone – Origin, Benefits, Price, and Who Should Wear?

The Hessonite gemstone popularly known as Gomed gemstone is known for its beauty as well as astrological significance. The brownish color of the stone with its golden hue makes it an appealing and attractive gemstone.

Because of the gracious gorgeousness of this stone, it is used highly for making jewelry and decorative items.

The astrological importance of the Gomed includes protecting the wearer from negativity, increasing the focus, and enhancing mental clarity. The stone also assists the person in making their hesitation go away and get past their confusion. There are many other benefits of the hessonite gemstone which we will discuss about in this article.

Origin of Hessonite Gemstone

The hessonite gemstone is found in many parts of the world including Sri Lanka, Brazil, California, India, Austria, Thailand, France, Russia, Siberia, Tanzania, Canada, and the United States.

The best quality of Natural Hessonite stones are the ones found in the regions of Tanzania, Canada, and Sri Lanka.

Benefits of the Hessonite Gemstone

The many benefits of wearing a hessonite stone are as follows:

  • The hessonite stone will increase your strength and give you the courage by reducing your fears to face the problems to come.

  • Enhancing your confidence, the hessonite stone will help you overcome your self-doubts and taking the steps needed to achieve your desired goals.

  • A natural hessonite gemstone will enhance your self-esteem.

  • The stone will decrease your phobias and nightmares as well. It will help you get a better sleep.

  • Hessonite stone benefits include bringing you success, luck, and prosperity.

  • The Gomed stone is also known to improve the financial condition of the person and help them gain financial stability.

  • Increasing creativity, communication skills, and decision-making skills also come with the benefits of hessonite.

  • This stone enhances your intellect and wisdom.

  • The relationship benefits of the hessonite stone include promoting harmony, understanding, love, and serenity between married couples and helping them build their relationship.

  • It will also help you handle your emotions better.

  • Spiritual benefits of the hessonite are also there which helps enlighten you towards your path to spirituality.

  • There are also healing properties of the hessonite gemstone. It includes

    A. healing the individual’s injuries,
    B. strengthening their immune system,
    C. helping in better digestion
    D. curing skin conditions or allergies
    E. maintaining the endocrine system

Hessonite Gemstone Price

The price of the hessonite gemstone is quite high because of its demand and market value. The Hessonite stone is one of the nine gemstones which are considered the most powerful in the world. Hence, the price range varies a lot based on a number of factors.

The price of hessonite stone in India lies in the range of INR 1,204 per carat to  INR 27,810 per carat. The difference in hessonite stone price is because of the cut, treatment, color, clarity, carat, quality, and origin of the gemstone. You should keep all these aspects in mind while buying a hessonite stone.

Who Should Wear the Hessonite Gemstone?

The Hessonite gemstone is linked with the astrological planet Rahu which is known as the shadow planet in Vedic astrology. This is because Rahu and Ketu are the mischievous planets that cause mischief in your life.

So people who have the negative effects of Rahu in their birth chart must wear the hessonite to neutralize these effects and gain positivity.

People who are born under the Aquarius and Gemini zodiac sun signs can also wear the Hessonite gemstone. However, before wearing a potent and powerful gemstone like the Hessonite, you should get advice from an expert and ensure the compatibility of the stone with your birth chart or horoscope.

To Conclude

The Navratna are the nine stones that have the most significance, one of which is the Hessonite. This honey-colored gemstone with its dynamic properties provides a lot of benefits to the wearer. Plus the exquisite beauty of the Gomed is an additional point in the selling and worldwide demand for it.

Among many cultures, hessonite is worn as a protection gemstone as it is believed to protect the wearer from negativity.

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Also, buy other gemstones like the Emerald, Ruby, Red Coral, Pearl, Moonstone, Sapphires, Opal, etc.

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