Hind Louali Talks About Why French is the Best Foreign Language to Learn

France is an incredible nation whose history stretches back centuries. It is responsible for wonderful things like croissants and Arc de Triomphe, and is home to some of the most romantic places on the planet. The French language moreover is spoken in countries across the world. These nations are called Francophone countries. As per Hind Louali, there are in fact 29 countries in which French is an official spoken language. Due to its wide acceptance, French is among the best foreign languages to learn.

Hind Louali discusses the reasons to learn French

Technology and globalization have made it possible for people to collaborate and connect with people from varied parts of the world. People today tend to have many opportunities for business, jobs and education available to them. No matter whether one has plans to apply for a job overseas or is considering a course at a French institute, having an intermediate proficiency in the official language would be quite helpful. Language immersion programs are especially helpful in improving the cognitive flexibility of a person, which includes the ability to switch between different tasks and to think creatively.

Here are some of the major reasons why people should learn French:

  • Job opportunities: France is the fifth-largest economy in the world. One of the key requirements of working in France or conducting business there is the knowledge of the French language. French is also the official language of many major countries like Belgium, Canada and Switzerland. Hence, there is a wealth of job opportunities available to people who are fluent in French. It also is one of the six UN official languages, making it a widely preferred second language among candidates. A large number of multinational companies value employees who are proficient in French, especially in fields like international business, hospitality, and fashion.
  • Quality education: France is among the top nations to pursue higher studies in Europe. It houses many reputed universities that offer specialized courses and have affordable tuition. Proficiency in French can facilitate access to a number of international educational programs and scholarships not only in France, but also in many other nations where French is a prominent language of instruction.
  • Appreciation of culture: Many consider French to be the language of culture, including fashion, food, films and music. Numerous Nobel Prizes for literature have been awarded to French nationals. This nation is also widely popular for its Gourmet meals and exquisite wines. Knowledge of the French language would help people to effectively admire its culture and bypass the lost-in-translation phenomenon.
  • Travelling perks: One of the key benefits of learning a foreign language is the ability to interact with locals when travelling. France attracts more than 80 million visitors every year, and is among the prime travel hubs of the world. Even though people in many tourist areas here can talk in English, they are not particularly proficient. Hence, it would be extremely helpful for tourists to learn French if they want to effectively communicate with the locals.
  • A lot of people tend to be confused about whether their kids should learn a second language when they’re still learning their primary language. While learning a second language at a young age may seem like a demanding task at first, one must understand that learning a new language comes more naturally the younger the child is. Language Immersion Programs can especially be advantageous for the young minds.

As per Hind Louali, while some people choose to French to seek employment abroad, others simply enjoy engaging in the literary, historical and cultural traditions of the French-speaking world. Regardless of the specific reasons, learning French can be a good idea for almost any person.

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