Importer of Record (IOR) in Germany: A Comprehensive Guide

An Importer of Record (IOR) is the individual or legal entity that is legally responsible for importing goods into a country. The IOR is responsible for ensuring that all imported goods comply with the country’s laws and regulations. This includes paying duties and taxes, and ensuring that the goods are safe and meet all product standards.

The Importance of an IOR in Germany

Germany is a major trading nation, and the Importer of Record Germany plays an important role in the German economy. The IOR helps to ensure that all imported goods comply with German laws and regulations, which protects consumers and businesses.

The Responsibilities of an IOR in Germany

The responsibilities of an IOR in Germany include:

  • Filing customs declarations
  • Paying duties and taxes
  • Ensuring that the goods comply with all German laws and regulations
  • Keeping records of all imports for a certain period of time

How to Choose the Right IOR in Germany

When choosing an IOR in Germany, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Experience: Choose an IOR with experience in importing the types of goods that you need to import.
  • Reputation: Choose an IOR with a good reputation. You can read reviews of different IORs online to get a sense of their reputation.
  • Cost: Compare the prices of different IORs before making a decision.

Top IORs in Germany

Here are a few of the top IORs in Germany:

    • Kuehne + Nagel
    • DB Schenker
    • DHL Global Forwarding
    • DSV Global Transport and Logistics
    • C.H. Robinson
    • Panalpina
    • Expeditors
    • Geodis
    • JAS-FB Logistic
    • BDP International
    • Trans Poland
    • Raben

Tips for Working with an IOR in Germany

Here are a few tips for working with an freight forwarding service in austria:

  • Be clear about your needs: Let the IOR know what your specific needs are. This includes things like the types of goods you need to import, the quantity of goods, and the timeline for import.
  • Provide all necessary information: Provide the IOR with all of the necessary information about your shipment. This includes things like the product description, the value of the goods, and the country of origin.
  • Be prepared to pay: The IOR will charge a fee for their services. Be prepared to pay this fee before the shipment is imported.
  • Communicate regularly: Communicate regularly with the IOR to track the status of your shipment and to resolve any issues that may arise.


Choosing the right IOR in Germany is an important decision for businesses that import goods into the country. By following the tips above, you can choose an IOR that is experienced, reputable, and affordable.

Here are some additional tips for working with an IOR in Germany:

  • Make sure the IOR is licensed and bonded.
  • Get everything in writing, including the contract and the inventory of your belongings.
  • Be prepared to provide the IOR with a power of attorney.
  • Ask about insurance for your shipment.
  • Be aware of the different types of import duties and taxes that may apply to your shipment.

I hope this article has been helpful. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

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