Maximising Rewards: Tips for Effective Credit Card Use

Credit cards are a great tool to increase the financial worth of everyday purchases when used responsibly. Additionally, you can get points, cashback, or many miles whenever you make payments with a rewards credit card. When you use it regularly, these benefits can add significantly in the long run. The best credit cards in India are those that offer amazing rewards and cashback. Rewards schemes are made to keep people coming back and spending money and enjoying the perks every time they use the credit card app.

How to Maximise the Benefits of Credit Cards?

Credit cards are among the most effective financial tools available. It gives you immediate freedom to use credit, boosting your ability to buy while additionally allowing you to take advantage of many kinds of discounts, cashback, and other special offers. Unfortunately, credit cards are one of the least-used financial instruments even today. Most people who own the best credit cards in India only use them to make payments or in times of emergency. This is a wasted chance since cardholders do not take advantage of it to its fullest extent. Follow these tips to make the most of your credit cards and avoid typical credit card errors.

Choosing the Right Card

The initial and primary objective is to select the credit card that meets your needs, tastes, and spending patterns. Your ability to earn cash back, discounts, and the different kinds of rewards you get will depend on this. You do not need to continue using a card from your present bank or financial institution; numerous options are available.  

Whenever you choose a credit card, be sure to grasp each of its features and advantages. The credit card that pays you for the purchases you do most often is the one you should use. While certain credit cards offer you additional benefits when you buy airline tickets, others offer you extra benefits when you spend money on entertainment and food. 

Make sure you are informed of the yearly fees, fees for late payments, and other extra costs to ensure you are not taken by surprise later.

Welcome Bonus Advantage

Sign-up rewards are often offered by card issuers to entice new members to enroll. Customers who spend more than a particular amount during their initial three months of using their card, usually give significant points or mileage rewards. 

The best credit cards in India provide enticing benefits that might reload your wallet by hundreds. Find a credit card with a significant sign-up bonus while ensuring you meet the requirements. Although welcome bonuses can be profitable, you shouldn’t go overboard in order to obtain one. The added benefits are not worth the interest that would be paid for maintaining a balance.

Don’t Spend Money Just for Rewards

The entire purpose of reward points is to motivate consumers to use their credit cards more frequently. Don’t blow your entire budget merely to acquire reward points. You should concentrate on the advantages you can obtain with those reward points rather than the rewards themselves. 

Knowing how to use your card to earn points and use it consistently will help you maximize your earnings. When you do this, you will find that the benefits and savings you earn will shortly multiply.

Even if you happen to have cash at hand, it’s an effective strategy to use your credit cards for regular expenditures like gas and groceries. By doing this, you can boost your prospects for earning rewards rather than having to spend extra money on items you don’t need.

Attention to the Fine Print

Consider your credit card rewards programs carefully because they are open to change. The conditions of use of your credit card’s points and cash back are subject to revision at any time. Therefore, it is best to regularly check the credit card app to be informed of the most recent guidelines. Additionally, you should be familiar with reward divisions and the businesses where rewards can be cashed.

Along with the terms and conditions, you must regularly verify the validity of your reward points. Some people who use credit cards accumulate a lot of reward points and use them at the same time. To maximize your benefits, you need to keep constant tabs on the last day to use your reward points and any applicable terms and limits.

Avoid Late Payments

If you make a payment after the deadline but even a few days late, your credit card company may charge you late fees. Meanwhile, the detrimental impact that payments delayed by more than a month may have on your credit ratings is even more severe. 

Regular EMI payments are necessary if consumers wish to get the most rewards on their credit cards. It makes sure their account won’t go into an overdraft and prevents them from taking advantage of any reward deals. The only way to prevent interest from accruing and making the overall costs outweigh the benefits is by paying the entire monthly sum. 

By enrolling in autopay, setting an alert on your phone, scheduling early payments, or using any other options your credit card provider may have, you may prevent late payments and ensure that all of your payments are made on time.

Track the Rewards

You should be mindful of the reward sections for every one of your credit cards unless all you use are one-time reward cards. It can easily become puzzling, particularly if you have many credit cards or if the card companies provide benefits only valid for a certain period. 

Look out for seasonal and promotional deals from the best credit cards in India throughout certain periods of the year, such as festivals, the New Year, etc. Credit cards provide increased reward points or additional cashback during these special times to encourage customers to complete purchases.

You can also download the credit card app for reward tracking and optimization to receive customized suggestions depending on the cards you own and the businesses you often shop from. 


Credit cards are a terrific method for earning discounts, rewards, cashback, and other perks like loyalty points. However, getting the best credit card in India also does not justify reckless spending of money to gain rewards. Credit cards can be an exciting financial tool but need to be used mindfully to gain benefits and save money simultaneously. Credit cards can be overwhelming; maximizing the rewards from your credit card can include proper planning and following through.

FAQs on the Best Credit Cards in India

  • Can I get a credit card with a 700 credit score in India?

Yes, one can easily apply for a credit card with a 700 credit score. A credit score from 700-749 is considered a good credit score for credit cards in India. 

  • Which is the top card in HDFC?

The HDFC Bank Regalia credit card is considered the best in HDFC.

  • What percentage of Indians have credit cards?

It has been found in the recent economic report that less than 5% of Indians have a credit card. 

  • What is the maximum credit limit of an Indian credit card?

The maximum credit limit in India varies from bank to bank as it is determined by several factors. Generally, the credit limit for a credit card in India is from 50,000 – 10,00,000 rupees.

  • Which is the best company for credit cards?

There are several banks that offer the best credit cards in India, such as Axis Bank, SBI, HDFC Bank, AU Small Finance Bank, and ICICI Bank. 

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