My MacBook office is damaged; how can I fix it?

Are you trying to open Microsoft Office on your MacBook but cannot do so? Well, your MS Office must be facing troubles with your Mac. This post will provide plausible solutions to fix the issue. 

Like any other program, MS Office has several issues opening on Macs. Users often complain about seeing MS Word not responding on Mac prompts. If that does not work, you cannot open any documents.  

There are several reasons for the Mac office not working. Some common reasons are:

  • System crash
  • Incorrect and halfway shutdown
  • Malware and virus attack
  • Formatted drives
  • Files damage or corruption

When these issues persist on your Mac, it means MS Office is damaged. You will know of it when:

  • The MS Office application keeps shutting down without any warning. 
  • The MS word will show unexpected errors and won’t open. 
  • You might have to erase and reinstall the OS factory version. 

Solutions to fix MS Office not working on Mac

Here are a few methods to resolve the MacBook Office, not opening. 

Repair Disk Permissions 

The first thing that you can do to troubleshoot the issue at hand is through the Repair Disk Permissions option. However, it is essential to note that the Disk Utility Program repair works only on apps installed via the App Store. Here is how you can proceed with it:

  • On Settings of the Mac, go to the “Utilities” section.
  • Click on “Disk Utility” under the “Go” menu. That will launch the Disk Utility Program on your Mac. 
  • Find your device’s hard drive option and click on it. 
  • Choose the “First Aid” tab from the menu, followed by “Repair Disk Permissions.” 

Change word preferences to Open Frozen Word.

Special characters or words can often strike the application from working. The below steps will help resolve the issue. You can also discuss with macbook repair dubai expert.

  • Open the Library folder on your device. 
  • Find the “Preferences” folder among the lists. That folder has the preferences set for MS word. 
  • Click on the folder to open it. Now, look for a file named “”. 
  • Now, move that file to the desktop location. Open the file to check for any issues. If you find any problem, move it back to its initial location and go ahead with the next step. 
  • If any MS program is open on your Mac, shut them down. 
  • Next, go to the Apple menu and click on the “Word” section. 
  • Select “preferences” > “File Locations” > “User templates.”
  • Find a ” Normal ” file and move it to the desktop location.
  • Launch MS Word on your Mac now. 

Force reboot the MS Word (any MS Office program).

If the MS Word app is still active after exiting the program, you should force quit it from the Activity Monitor. 

  • Go to the MS Word app icon and right-click on the Mac dock. Since the program is not working as it should, you will see the “Force Quit” option in the menu. 
  • Click on the Force Quit option and try to open the app again.


  • Open the Activity Monitor app on your Mac by pressing the “Cmd + Space” keys together. 
  • Look for the MS Word app from the lists and select it. 
  • After choosing the program, click on the “X” icon from the upper menu at the top. 

Empty RAM space on your Mac.

Many apps and programs do not work correctly with insufficient RAM space. Then, you should free up some distance from the RAM on your Mac. 

  • Launch the Activity Monitor on your Mac. 
  • At the bottom of the screen, check the Memory tab. You can find where all the space is used on your Mac. 
  • If the Mac system uses more than 80% of the RAM space, you should delete all the unused and irrelevant apps and programs from the device. 

Repair the MS Word program on your Mac (any MS Office program that is not working).

If you find the MS Word is malfunctioning as you cannot use some of its functions, you can repair it with the steps below. 

  • Open MS Word on your Mac and go to the File menu. 
  • From the list, click on the “Open” option. You can use the “Cmd + O” keys to open that. 
  • Select the Word file that is causing the issue. 
  • At the bottom of the screen (dialog box), select the “Repair” button and hit the “OK” button next.

That will fix the Word file that is not opening on your Mac. 

Hence, these are some ways to fix the MS Office programs not opening on your Mac. Below are some tips to prevent the issue from occurring. 

Tips to prevent the “MS Word not opening on Mac” issue. 

Since the issue cannot be fixed permanently, you can instead apply ways to prevent the problem from happening on your Mac

  • Avoid using rushing commands on MS Word on your Mac. Multiple commands at once will confuse the program’s algorithm for interpreting the command. That would instead not access the file causing errors. 
  • Do not use too many automated tools to clean up the redundant files or cache files on your Mac device. Those tools do not know which file is essential or not and could delete even the necessary files on the system.
  • Mistakes during drive partition can also cause damage to MS Office on your Mac. A wrong drive partition will lead to data file corruption on the drive. 
  • Always keep backup files of everything on your Mac. Do not format any drive without backup, or you will lose important data and files. 
  • When you delete any file on MS Office, ensure that the Command line is correct. 

Even though there are solutions to fix any error on MacBooks, it is always better to try and prevent the error from happening in the first place. 

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