Red Coral: Side Effects of Wearing and Who Shouldn’t Wear it!

The Red Coral gemstone is one of the nine gemstones taken from Earth’s core that are said to be the most active stones ever discovered. This unique stone is well-known for its beauty as well as its astrological significance.

This is the only stone that is found at the depths of the ocean rather than mined. The red coral, which is made of marine animals, is considered to possess both the peacefulness and the ferocity of the element water.

The energy of this stone has the potential to alter the wearer’s life in a variety of ways. It may be both bad and positive. As a result, wearing the Red coral gemstone with adequate advice is suggested.

In this article, we will discuss how many negative effects you may have if you wear a Red Coral without seeking professional guidance. Understand who should wear red coral to get its advantages and who should avoid wearing red coral:

Who Can Wear the Red Coral Gemstone?

An Natural Red Coral Gemstone is the most advantageous for those with Mangal Dosh, or the unfavorable effects of Mars in their birth chart.

The Red Coral Gemstone is related to the astrological planet Mars, according to Vedic astrology. Anyone who wears the Red Coral stone, also known as Moonga, will benefit from the favorable influences of Mars in their lives.

As a result, if you have Mangal Dosh, the good impacts will cancel it out and provide you luck.

Aside from that, astrologers believe that the Moonga stone is beneficial to persons born in April.

People born under the solar signs Aries, Cancer, Leo, Pisces, and Sagittarius may also wear the Red Coral. However, before wearing this stone, we recommend that you see an astrologer to see if it is compatible with your birth chart.

Furthermore, you must perform the right ritual to activate the Red Coral gemstone. Check out how to wear this stone and what method you need to follow here: How Should You Wear Moonga Stone?

Who Shouldn’t Wear the Red Coral Gemstone?

The Moonga stone has significant impacts on the wearer’s life, thus if you were born under the zodiac signs Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, or Aquarius, you should avoid wearing the Red Coral gemstone.

According to astrology, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn are Mars’ foes, thus if these planets are fortunate in your birth chart, you should avoid wearing Red Coral.

Wearing a gemstone alongside another gemstone might have a detrimental impact on your life. As a result, avoid wearing the Moonga stone with Blue Sapphire [Neelam Ratna] or Emerald [Panna Ratna]. Wearing these stones together can have disastrous consequences.

Are there any Side Effects of the Red Coral Gemstone?

The following are the negative impacts of the red coral gemstone:

  • It will annoy you and make you angry and impolite. You will lose your mind over little matters; even minor arguments or minor incidents will make you furious and dissatisfied. This will result in arguments and violence, in which you may be hurt.

  • You may potentially sustain injuries as a result of an accident.

  • The negative effects of this gemstone may also affect your mental serenity.

  • You may not feel well as a result of the adverse effects.

  • It is also conceivable that you may suffer financial losses and have difficulties in making your everyday life suitable.

All of these negative impacts will occur because you either wore the Red Coral gemstone incorrectly or the stone is not appropriate for your horoscope.

To prevent bad/side effects of red coral or any other gemstone, visit a professional astrologist to better understand all of the good and negative impacts of the Red Coral stone.

Where To Buy an Original Red Coral Gemstone?

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