The 10 Greatest Cricket World Cup Upsets in Betting History

Cricket World Cup tournaments have always been a thrilling spectacle, showcasing the finest cricketing talents from around the globe. While favorites are often expected to dominate, the beauty of sports lies in its unpredictability. Over the years, we’ve witnessed some of the most incredible upsets in cricket history, where underdogs triumphed against all odds. 

These upsets not only provided unforgettable moments on the field but also created seismic waves in the world of cricket betting. As we gear up for placing bets on ICC World Cup 2023, let’s take a look at the 10 greatest World Cup upsets in betting history that left bookmakers and bettors in awe.

Here Are the 10 Greatest Cricket World Cup Upsets in Betting History

  1. Kenya’s Heroic Semi-Final Run (2003): In the 2003 Cricket World Cup held in South Africa, Kenya emerged as the ultimate underdogs. They stunned the cricketing world by reaching the semi-finals, beating the likes of Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Kenyan players like Steve Tikolo and Collins Obuya became household names, and those who dared to bet on Kenya were rewarded handsomely.

  2. Ireland’s Shocking Win Over England (2011): The 2011 World Cup witnessed one of the biggest upsets when Ireland defeated England. Chasing a daunting target of 328, Ireland’s Kevin O’Brien played an innings for the ages, scoring a century in just 50 balls. Betting on Ireland seemed implausible, but those who did witnessed a remarkable payday.

  3. Bangladesh’s Historic Win Against Pakistan (1999): In the 1999 World Cup, Bangladesh, a relatively new entrant, faced Pakistan, a cricketing giant. But Bangladesh pulled off a stunning upset by defeating Pakistan in a thrilling match. This win was a turning point for Bangladesh cricket and a windfall for those who backed the underdogs.

  4. Zimbabwe’s Victory Over Australia (1983): Australia was the reigning champion going into the 1983 World Cup, and they were expected to breeze through the group stage. However, Zimbabwe had other plans. In an astonishing upset, Zimbabwe beat Australia by 13 runs. Those who bet on Zimbabwe were in for a pleasant surprise.

  5. Ireland’s Win Over West Indies (2015): Ireland’s upset against the West Indies in the 2015 World Cup was another reminder of the tournament’s unpredictability. West Indies was considered a strong team, but Ireland chased down a target of 305 with just 25 balls to spare. Betting on Ireland was a gamble that paid off generously.

  6. Sri Lanka’s Shocking Triumph in 1996: The 1996 World Cup saw Sri Lanka pull off a spectacular victory against Australia in the final. Sri Lanka, an Asian team, was not the favorite, but they outplayed Australia in every department. This historic win created substantial windfalls for those who believed in Sri Lanka’s potential.

  7. Kenya’s Stunning Win Over West Indies (1996): Kenya’s journey in the 1996 World Cup was filled with surprises, including their victory over the formidable West Indies. The underdog Kenyan team won by 73 runs, leaving bettors who placed their trust in Kenya celebrating their audacious wager.

  8. Canada’s Unlikely Win Over Bangladesh (2003): Canada, often considered a minnow in cricket, pulled off a remarkable upset against Bangladesh in the 2003 World Cup. They won by 60 runs, leaving many in disbelief. Bettors who took a chance on Canada witnessed an unexpected payday.

  9. Afghanistan’s Triumph Over Scotland (2015): Afghanistan made its World Cup debut in 2015 and stunned Scotland with a thrilling one-wicket victory. This win was a testament to Afghanistan’s resilience and talent. Those who bet on Afghanistan celebrated their faith in the underdogs.

  10. India’s Shocking Loss to Zimbabwe (1999): In a shocking turn of events, India, one of the cricketing giants, lost to Zimbabwe in the 1999 World Cup. It was a match that defied all expectations. Those who took a risk and bet on Zimbabwe were rewarded with substantial payouts.

These 10 upsets serve as a reminder that in cricket, the underdogs can rise to the occasion and create history. Betting on ICC World Cup 2023 teams might seem straightforward, but these upsets highlight the excitement and unpredictability that make cricket one of the most thrilling sports in the world.


As we look forward to the ICC World Cup 2023, remember that in the world of cricket, anything can happen. The underdogs may once again defy the odds, and astute bettors who recognize their potential might just find themselves celebrating alongside the cricketing heroes who pulled off these historic upsets.

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