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What are the Types and Uses of Custom Counter Display Boxes?

Our online market has been growing every year, resulting in a low rate of physical shopping experience. Every person finds it easy to search for their desired product and place an order. It is a hassle-free experience for customers compared to physical shopping. If we talk about popular brands, they have also become digital. Online presence for every brand has become crucial as it is the best way to reach out to your potential audience.

It is challenging for retailers to attract more customers by showing off their products. Yes, it might be difficult, but it is possible to get the attention of customers. Using Custom Counter Display Boxes for your products can help to capture the eyes of your potential audience and develop their interest. Displaying your newly launched products increases the chance of your brand promotion and improves the visibility of items.

But do you know what are the suitable choices for your display boxes? If you want to learn, you are in the right place.

In this article, we will explore a few display box types and how you can use them. 

Types of Custom Display Boxes

Rigid Display Boxes

It is a fact that display boxes hold a lot of products that your brand has newly launched. To make a sturdy structured display box, you need a material that can add more strength. For this purpose, you can choose rigid material, as it is a thick and durable paper that can hold a sufficient amount of goods. 

Choosing rigid display box is a suitable choice for displaying your newly launched items. It also gives the freedom to print a wide range of creative artwork to make your display box attractive. Showing your items in such durable and attractive display packaging can enhance your products and increase the chance of sales.

Cardboard Display Boxes

When it comes to versatility, we cannot forget cardboard. It is versatile and flexible in nature, as it allows you to print multiple designs and is also an inexpensive solution. They are a perfect solution for displaying your products for short-term promotions. To increase customer retention rate, it is important to use display boxes that can enhance your products’ value and engage more customers. 

Retail Counter Display Boxes

For small to large-scale businesses, retail counter display boxes are suitable as they bring effective outcomes. Investing in your products is essential but promoting your launched goods can make a big deal to increase sales. They are more interactive as they contain multiple promotional strategies, such as coupons, QR codes, etc. 

Uses of Display Boxes

These display boxes are beneficial for a wide range of products, such as:


When customers walk into your store, they have some specific thoughts about what they want to buy. Displaying your delicate and most stylish jewelry items using a retail box can help customers pick what they are thinking of. It improves the customer experience and engages more potential customers. Such promotional displays always capture the customers’ attention and urge them to buy your products.

Lip Balms

To win over competitors, your brand needs to come up with the best ideas to enhance your product’s value. Cosmetics are also popular for their best-selling property. Lip balms also come in different types but the industry is crowded. To make your product stand out, you need to promote your lip balms using retail counter boxes that have engaging printed designs to engage more customers.


To give yourself a treat, everyone keeps some snacks in a bag. We can analyze how high-selling these products are. To make your products stand out, your brand needs to be promoted using effective strategies. Display boxes can help to let people know about your new products. Make sure you choose well-designed printed promotional boxes that enhance your product value and get the attention of potential audience.

How Display Boxes Benefit Your Brand?

Promotional of your products is crucial as it helps people know what’s new in the market and increases sales. But on top of the most, these display boxes spread your brand’s awareness. It is important for your brand that you choose custom displays to launch your newly developed goods. It also creates a positive impression on customers and changes their buying behavior.

The Bottom Line

It is a good approach to come up with a variety of products but promoting them can make a big difference. Choosing printed and well-designed custom counter display boxes can take your brand to the next level. Because they increase the visibility of products and spread awareness of your brand. At Pro Custom Packaging, we provide all types of custom display boxes to give your brand unique recognition. All you need is to join us and get our packaging services at wholesale rates.

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