Who Viewed My Facebook Video (2023 Guide)

In the age of Social media messaging, everyone is keen to share their photos and upload videos on their associated social media sites. No doubt millions of people are active on Facebook nowadays and upload their videos on their profiles either their personal or business-related posts every day.  Like YouTube, you can also view the stats, comments, and views of your posts on Facebook. 

Facebook users must have one question regarding their posts whether they can view who has seen their videos and posts or not.

Unfortunately, you can not view who has seen your posts easily but can can view the number of views, comments, and stats on them easily.

But if you want to view who has seen your profile, then there is some workaround to do to see who has viewed your Facebook video.

Read on the post to know more about how to see who viewed your video on Facebook. Let’s get straight into it.

Can You See Who Viewed Your Facebook Video

You must be intrigued to know if can you see who viewed your Facebook video.

Yes, you can see the viewers of your video, If you are broadcasting a live video, then only you can view their names during the live telecast, and after the end of the video, you will not be able to fetch the name of the viewers unless they liked or commented on it. 

Moreover, you can view the number of likes and comments on your video. If the person has viewed your video but neither liked nor commented, you will not be able to see who has seen your video.

How to See Who Viewed Your Video on Facebook

To know who has seen your video, there are several indications that will determine who has seen your videos on Facebook

  • Check who has liked your posts

The First and foremost indication is who is leaving “likes” on your video on Facebook. Likes are the ways to know how the visitor interacts with your post. Increasing the number of likes is very satisfying to the user who has posted the video.

  • Check for the Comments

The best way to see who has viewed your post is to see who has commented on your post or videos on Facebook. The comment on the video means that they have seen your videos and commented on it. That’s how you can determine 

  • See who is active when you have posted a video on Facebook

When you are posting a video on Facebook, you will be visible to the users who are active at that time on Facebook. You will be on the active list of Facebook, check the person from your contact list who is shown active on it at that time. There might be a chance that they have seen your video. However, it is not a confirmation of who has seen your post just an assumption that they might have seen your video. 

Even though it will not be the exact determination of the views of the post, still you have a rough idea of who has seen your video on Facebook. 

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