How To Increase Your Followers And Likes On Facebook In 2024

Increase Your Followers And Likes On Facebook

Did you know that Facebook is the concrete soil where many social media marketing strategies have taken root and thrived? A healthy and growing number of Facebook followers can help you increase your visibility, create effective retargeting ads, and increase brand awareness.

On social media platforms, the number of followers gives you an idea of your brand’s awareness and reach. Therefore, it is important to gain followers for brands over time. An important factor in retaining followers and increasing massive likes on Facebook would be maintaining consistency in posting content on social media. Only a social media planner can help you schedule your Facebook posts to achieve this consistency. So think about incorporating it into your strategy.

Now the question arises as to how exactly you would gain followers. We know that purchasing it is not the wisest choice and is not recommended at all. Buying Facebook followers would rarely result in actual engagement. So you should look for ways to gain followers organically. We have selected 15 ways to increase your followers and likes on Facebook.

15 Ways to Increase Followers and Likes on Facebook in 2024

Followers And Likes On Facebook

1. You can run ads on Facebook:

The best solution to increase your engagement or followers on Facebook would be to use Facebook Ads. To increase the visibility of your brand, you can run “engagement ads”. If Facebook viewers like the content of your ad, they will engage more with your post and may even follow your brand page.

2.  Send invitations to people who like your Page:

If you want to easily increase Facebook growth, you can start by sending invitations to people who like your Page. Your friends and family can be a stepping stone.

3. Gifts for guests:

Gifts are always a good idea when it comes to promoting your brand’s product. You can share your giveaway with niche Facebook groups or forums, giveaway accounts, and your Facebook page. Followers are likely to come to your Facebook page through the contest and get more likes.

4. Try Facebook Live:

This is probably one of the coolest features Facebook has added to its package. Some of the most viral videos are Facebook Live videos. This is a good way to provide viewers with real-time information and create credible content.

5. Use influencer marketing:

Partnerships with influencers can be extremely helpful in growing your audience on Facebook. By collaborating with an influencer, you reach their target audience and immediately increase your chances of greater visibility.

6. Use automation tools:

When you automate your marketing activities, you will immediately gain more viewers and followers as your content becomes more consistent and your engagement activities are automated. You can schedule Facebook posts by automating your Facebook marketing tools without having to worry about the rest.

7. Get tagged on other Facebook pages:

Getting organic praise on larger Facebook pages can help you get more Facebook followers. To do this, you need to choose brands that regularly highlight their customers and other non-competitive activities on their social media. You should also target brands that have a similar audience to yours.

8. Promote your best-performing posts:

Another helpful tip from your Facebook success playbook would be to promote repeat Facebook posts that are already performing well on your page. There will always be some content that works as well or better than others. It’s a good idea to promote them by sharing them on other platforms or running ads on them.

9. Reply to comments:

If you keep your audience informed, they will always remain loyal to your brand. Responding to viewers’ comments is the best way to make them feel included. Connecting with the community is crucial to maintaining your brand image. You will always have a competitive advantage when you have a positive brand image in your community.

10. Using Videos for Marketing:

The best way to get likes and followers on Facebook would be to use video marketing. Videos have been shown to get the most engagement across all social media platforms when used in the correct social media image sizes. Facebook is no exception. Video content is likely to generate high interest on Facebook, meaning your content will have more viewers.

11. Republish your best content:

As a social media editor, the smartest thing I can do is to post content that has already helped you the most in terms of engagement. You can repurpose your content and your investment wisely. Everyone knows how difficult it is to create the perfect video or blog post. It requires a lot of resources and effort. So if you’ve already done this, you can republish it and it might work wonders again. RecurPost is a great tool for repurposing your content.

12. Join Facebook Groups:

Joining various Facebook groups is a great way to expand your network. You can find and join groups of people whose interests align with your brand. Once a group discovers your web account and its benefits, there’s a good chance you’ll gain followers. You can also benefit from knowing how to schedule posts in Facebook groups so that you can easily stay present in all the groups you join.

13. Add a call to action:

A good way to increase your followers and likes on Facebook would be to use a call to action at the end of your blog or article. Always keep your calls to action simple and short as you don’t want to confuse followers or prevent them from clicking.

14. Use paid advertising:

If you want to quickly grow your audience on Facebook, you can run ads specifically designed to grow your audience. Running a Facebook ad is not very hard; you can set it up very easily. You can target a specific audience by numerous demographic factors to ensure you hit the correct target audience.

15. Post often and regularly:

The most important tip to follow when it comes to marketing to increase Facebook followers is to post regularly and frequently for viral marketing purposes. You need a thoughtful, consistent, and regular schedule for publishing value-added content.


Here are some very useful tips and tricks to help you gain Facebook followers and increase the number of likes on your posts. Facebook as a platform has experienced many ups, downs, and changes. But that doesn’t make Facebook any less powerful than before. You should focus on Facebook marketing.

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