Discover the Natural Wonders: 6 Must-See Destinations in the UAE

UAE is an enthralling destination to enjoy vivid activities along with vibrant locations to check around the destination. Numerous splendid destinations can be checked around Dubai, with gorgeous attractions and rides to participate in. Dotted with serene desert zones and pristine seashores, there are numerous natural wonders to check out around the destination. A list of six distinct natural locations to check around the UAE is enlisted below for checking purposes.

6 important natural wonders to check out in the UAE

Numerous natural wonders can be visited around the UAE destination, and a list of six important ones is projected below for the reader’s choice.

Dubai Green Planet

The Dubai Green Planet is an outstanding location to check out and enjoy the 3,000 species of reptiles, plants, and animals along the premises here in Dubai. Visitors can enjoy the artificially created bio-dome featuring a tropical rainforest at the destination. Anacondas, water snakes, and pythons can be seen along the route, along with a conservation act with the Dubai Safari Park to safely rehabilitate the animals at the newer destination.

Love Lake, Dubai

The Love Lake Dubai is an excellent destination for couples and partners to enjoy and spend time admiring the natural beauty along the way. The place is located in the Al Qudra region and was artificially created, resembling two interconnected hearts with a waterway in between. Visitors can check out the assortment of birds and animals roaming around the vicinity, along with benches and picnic areas, to enjoy a good time at the Love Lake destination in Dubai.

Dubai Dolphin Show

Dubai dolphin show tickets

Visitors coming to Dubai can enjoy the Dolphin Show at the Dubai Dolphinarium around the Dubai location. Guests can grab the Dubai dolphin show tickets and enjoy the outstanding physical performances of the dolphins and seals around while enjoying an interactive show regarding the natural habitats of the majestic sea creatures here. Distinct-sized pools can be checked around the Dubai Dolphinarium to enjoy a swim with the friendly dolphins around.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Miracle garden Dubai tickets

The Dubai Miracle Garden is another natural wonder to check around UAE and immerse in the gorgeous views of 150 million flowers and plants around. Numerous structures made of flowers and vines can be seen around the destination, along with an Airbus A380 aircraft created completely using flowers and plants. After getting the Miracle garden Dubai tickets, visitors can also enjoy their time around the Smurf’s Village located around the Dubai Miracle Garden here in the UAE.

Dubai Butterfly Garden

Guests and visitors can also opt to visit another natural wonder around the destination that serves the purpose of accommodating over 15,000 varieties of butterflies here at the destination. The Dubai Butterfly Garden can be concluded to be a great location for nature lovers with beautiful butterfly variants to check around the destination. A koi fish pond, a kid’s cinema area, and a butterfly museum can also be checked around the Dubai Butterfly Garden premises.

Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park is an excellent location to spend time, situated around the Al Warqa district in Dubai. The park utilizes solar resources for the energy utilized on the premises, with safari tours and presentations for visitors to understand the living conditions of the animals here. A giraffe-feeding session can also be enjoyed around the premises, with educational shows and workshops for kids and adults to cherish their time at the Dubai Safari Park destination.

In a Nutshell

To end with, these are the top 6 natural wonders to check out around the UAE and spend a vibrant time at the location. Visitors can accompany their friends and families and visit the gorgeous locations around them without any stress or hassle with assistance from reliable tour operators.

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