Technical Support for User Experience – 3 Key Levels

Most companies, especially those that offer tech products and services, have an IT Technical Support team. Is IT tech support the same thing as customer support? After all, it’s meant for customers.

In simple words, IT tech support is different from customer support. Tech support teams help customers overcome any IT issues or hurdles they might have been experiencing with your product or service.

Now, if a customer purchases a tech product but is unable to use one of its features, who will they call? They will call the customer service helpline, which will transfer their call to the tech support department.

For instance, Xfinity is an ISP. If you experience any issues with their router and call on Xfinity Customer Support number, your call will be forwarded to the tech support team. In other words, any questions a customer has regarding the configuration or installation of a product can only be dealt with and answered by technical expertise.

Therefore, technical support is extremely crucial for the overall user experience. If you don’t have a technical support team to help customers deal with technical issues with a product, they will eventually stop doing business with you.

In this article, we will be sharing why technical support is so important for the overall user experience, or you could run into the risk of losing customers.

What is Technical Support?

Technical support is often referred to as tech support. It is the customer support team that solely deals with product-driven issues. A tech support team ensures that any IT issues a user experiences, are solved with the utmost professionalism, through the help of an employee who is a tech expert.

Generally, tech support is provided through various channels such as phone, email, live chat, etc. Tech support staff on these channels listen to product issues every day and provide solutions to its users.

A tech support team is the only team that can deal with tech-related inquiries, a regular customer support employee does not have the expertise for this.

Different Levels of Tech Support

There are different levels of tech support in every company, and it depends on the needs of the user and the complexity of the issues, as to which platforms they need to use. Here are the three levels of tech support you can expect:

Human Tech Support Staff (Generic Problems)

This is the most favored type of Technical support most customers prefer. The reason is rather simple. Users prefer to speak to a real person who can guide them in real time on how to troubleshoot or resolve the issue they seem to be experiencing.

There’s just something more reassuring about a tech support staff who can listen to your problem all in real-time. Tech support staff at this level of tech support have a basic understanding of the product.

For instance, you might not know what is the default password of your new router. The tech support you speak to will be able to guide you accordingly. However, if your router refuses to show any connectivity, then you might have to refer to email support.

The email will be answered by a Technical support staff at the back end who knows the complexities of a router and its connectivity.

Tech Support for More Complex Issues

The internet has allowed many users to deal with tech issues in a product all by themselves. That said, there are some problems that are not only more complex, but sophisticated as well.

In other words, such problems require a more in-depth inquiry which might even require the super to get the product back to the company. Or, they might need to call the tech support number and request an against who specifically deals with certain problems.

The staff can then offer the right kind of guidance, and steps you need to follow in order to resolve the issues. However, sometimes even a phone call might not solve the issues. This is where we move to the third, and last level of tech support.

Custom Tech Support

This is the third, and most critical level of tech support. This is usually when both you and the tech support are unable to resolve the supposedly never-ending issues with the product. This level of tech support consists of very senior tech support staff that have years of experience to guide you.

In such instances, the tech support offers customer support, solely based on your product and what problem it keeps giving you.

All in All

Well, there you go!

We have shared what Technical support is and the three levels of tech support. If a tech-based company does not employ tech support, and overlooks the above-mentioned levels, it will lose business, and customers at the end of the day.

The customer has to know they can rely on the company’s tech support if they were to experience any tech related issues with a product.

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