Top 10 Valentine’s Day Flower Bouquets in the Philippines That Will Melt Hearts!

Flower: An exquisite bouquet is the ideal way to convey your feelings of love and admiration on Valentine’s Day. Whether you are in the heart of Manila or elsewhere in the Philippines, the right delivery in Manila service can make all the difference. We’ve curated a list of the top 10 Valentine’s Day bouquets that are sure to melt hearts and leave lasting impressions.

Here are Top 10 Valentine’s Day Flower Bouquets

1. Romantic Red Roses Bouquet

The timeless beauty of a red rose arrangement is the quintessential expression of love. If you want to convey your profound love and devotion, this classic arrangement is the way to go. Look for a flower shop that offers a dozen or more premium long-stemmed red roses, arranged with lush greenery and presented in a beautiful wrap or vase.

2. Mixed Blooms Extravaganza

For a vibrant and colorful option, consider a bouquet featuring a mix of different flowers. Think roses, lilies, daisies, and carnations in a harmonious blend of colors. This arrangement is ideal for conveying joy, excitement, and a variety of emotions.

3. Elegant White Lilies Bouquet

White lilies symbolize purity and refined beauty. For Valentine’s Day, a bouquet of delicate white lilies can be a classy option. For individuals who value subtle sophistication and timeless beauty, this arrangement is ideal.

4. Sunflower Sunshine Bouquet

Send a bouquet of sunny to cheer up a loved one. These bright  represent devotion and love. Paired with some greenery, a bouquet can be a delightful surprise that radiates warmth and happiness.

5. Exotic Orchids Arrangement

For a unique and luxurious touch, consider an arrangement of exotic orchids. These are known for their intricate beauty and long-lasting nature. Orchids in shades of purple, pink, or white can make a stunning and memorable gift.

6. Tulip Delight Bouquet

Tulips are a classic symbol of perfect love. A bouquet of fresh tulips in red, pink, or yellow can convey a message of love, joy, and affection. If you love the understated elegance of tulips, then these are the flowers for you.

7. Romantic Peonies Arrangement

Peonies are often associated with romance and prosperity. Their lush, full blooms make them a popular choice for romantic bouquets. A peony arrangement in soft pastel shades can be a charming and heartfelt gift.

8. Chic Gerbera Daisies Bouquet

Gerbera daisies are bright and cheerful flowers that come in a variety of colors. A bouquet of gerbera daisies can convey a message of happiness and cheer. This arrangement is perfect for someone who loves vibrant and playful.

9. Classic Carnations Bouquet

Carnations are known for their ruffled petals and wide range of colors. They symbolize fascination and love. A bouquet of mixed carnations can be a versatile and beautiful gift that suits any taste.

10. Luxurious Mixed Roses Arrangement

For a touch of luxury, consider a bouquet that features an assortment of roses in different colors. Combining red, pink, white, and yellow roses can create a stunning and sophisticated arrangement that expresses a spectrum of emotions.

Why Choose Flowers Delivery in Manila?

Picking the Perfect flower delivery manila and its Service The freshness and aesthetic appeal of your bouquet are guaranteed by the Manila service. For those last-minute Valentine’s Day surprises, Manila is home to numerous respectable shops that offer same-day delivery. Find a florist that can guarantee on-time delivery of fresh, beautiful arranged in unique ways.

Tips for Selecting the Perfect Flower Bouquet

1. Know Their Preferences:

Consider your recipient’s favorite flowers and colors.

2. Consider the Message:

Different flowers convey different meanings. Choose that reflect your sentiments.

3. Add a Personal Touch:

Include a heartfelt note or a small gift to make the bouquet extra special.

4. Quality Matters:

Choose a reputable flower shop that offers fresh, high-quality.

Top Flower Shops in Manila for Valentine’s Day

Here are some of the best shops in Manila known for their exceptional arrangements and reliable delivery services:


Offers a wide range of beautiful bouquets and same-day delivery.

– Manila

Known for their premium roses and elegant arrangements.

– Dangwa Flower

Provides a variety of choices and creative designs.

– Dangwa Flower

Specializes in exotic blooms and unique arrangements.

– Dangwa Flower

Offers personalized bouquets and excellent customer service.


The appropriate advice can make the process of selecting a floral arrangement for Valentine’s Day joyful. Whether you prefer traditional roses, unique orchids, or vibrant sunflowers, the most important thing is to select a bouquet that expresses your affection and gratitude. With numerous shops and delivery Manila services available, you can easily find the perfect bouquet to melt hearts this Valentine’s Day.

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