Why Do You Need Custom Coffee Boxes?

Coffee is a worldwide consumed beverage. Coffee lovers cannot compromise on its quality. Coffee beans are susceptible to sun heat, moisture, and humidity. As a result, they are at risk of losing their natural taste and value. Premium packaging is the ultimate way to achieve the purpose of giving long-lasting storage to coffee beans. Custom coffee boxes are the best and most affordable choice to stock coffee beans effectively.  They give an impressive job of presenting fresh coffee beans before the audiences and winning their trust. Moreover, exclusive custom-made packaging for coffee beans is also beneficial for brands’ promotion and elevating the number of sales.

Do you wish to customize appealing and sustainable custom packaging for coffee beans? Stay with us. This blog post’s only purpose is to familiarize you with the influential tips and tricks for creating errorless and eye-grabbing coffee boxes wholesale.

Give Modish Look to Custom Coffee Packaging with Stylish Boxes:

First, you must eliminate typical box designs and add creativity to the product’s packaging. Uniformity does not appeal anymore and looks boring. Diversity is an alternative to breaking the monotonous packaging routine. So how to go innovative in coffee packaging? You can shape custom boxes into modish styles and shapes. A distinctive packaging style outstands on store shelves and immediately gets the client’s attention. For example, coffee packaging in a gable box seems promising and leaves a good impression on the buyers. Moreover, you can also opt for a seal end, coffee sachet boxes with PVC sheets,s or subscription boxes for promotional purposes.

Go for Sustainable Cardboard Paper for Coffee Boxes Wholesale:

Another keynote to consider while the box’s customization is selecting the suitable material. The material plays a critical part in customizing an ideal packaging. The box’s customization with average paper can leave all customization processes in vain. On the other hand, the poor-quality substrate also has adverse consequences on the product. It can expose coffee beans to external harm and devalue their shelf lives. Therefore, we recommend you high-end material choices. These include kraft and cardboard paper. They are not only sturdy but biodegradable as well. They are immune to environmental elements like moisture, sunlight, contamination, etc. That’s why coffee beans stay fresh and healthy for an extended period.

Brown Kraft Mylar Coffee Boxes Wholesale: Handy Packaging Solution

Handy product packaging is a perfect solution to enhance the client’s buying experience. Today, custom mylar bags are trending for coffee packaging and other food packaging boxes like custom muffin boxes that are majority used in coffee shops, because of their incredible features. You can customize the bag into any size following the product’s requirements. They have sealed end openings and bottoms. That’s why coffee beans stay intact and undamaged inside the bag. Moreover, adding a handle to the bag offers a hassle-free carrying experience to the audience. You can also use brown kraft paper for mylar bags to inspire eco-conscious buyers.

Printed Coffee Boxes: Ladder to the Brand’s Success

The characteristic of coffee packaging is not just limited to product protectivity. Now we tell you how to create branded coffee box packaging. It’s not as challenging as it appears. You can give the brand’s products a separate identity by printing the logo design and alluring illustrations. Certainly, high-quality images look more inspiring compared to faded ones. You can pick out advanced printing methods for producing first-quality images. Offset and digital are the most outstanding printing techniques. However, you can handpick following the product’s specifications.

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Choose iCustomBoxes: Maestro in Customized Packaging and Printing.

Manufacturing world-class coffee beans and looking for reliable packaging suppliers for premium quality custom coffee boxes? Don’t look further. iCustomBoxes is a perfect packaging facility for buying high-end custom-made boxes. Our company comprises a skilled team of manufacturers who leave no stone in turning your imaginative box into actual shape. So, what are you waiting for? Share your requirements with us and hold on to witness the magic of our expert’s hands. Join hands with us to avail yourself of our cutting-edge facilities.


Do you design mylar bags for coffee packaging?

Customization has no limits, and our team is skilled in creating magic. You can get seal-end mylar bags in any custom size, material, and lamination from us.

Are cardboard coffee boxes recyclable?

Yes, uncoated cardboard coffee boxes are 100% recyclable. If you laminate cardboard paper with laminations, it will be partially recycled.

What are the most popular box designs for coffee packaging?

Seal-end boxes, mylar bags, gable bags, and mailer boxes are the trendiest. However, you can share your creative box’s design ideas with us to customize an exclusive package.

What is your minimum order quantity for custom coffee boxes wholesale?

Our minimum order quantity is 100 boxes.

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