Custom Hat Boxes: Unique Way to Promote your Fashion Accessories

In summer or winter, people are fond of wearing hats. It protects them from harsh climates. And it also symbolizes fashion and style. Hence hats are one of the coolest fashion accessories. And you can easily spot your favorite hat style at the stores.

The hats come in different designs and shapes. And custom hat boxes are a must to keep their style intact. Plus, it protects the hat from dust and moisture. And you can use customized packaging for brand promotion. Isn’t that amazing?

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Custom hat boxes with logo

It is admitted that fashion lovers adore branded hats. They love to wear stylish hats on special occasions and events. Therefore fashion labels can attract them with custom boxes with logo.

You can print the signature logo, whether a two-piece or tuck front style. You can print the design in any color, size, or style. And you can embellish the artwork with spot UV, embossing, debossing, or foil stamping.

It adds extra gloss and character to the design. As a result, the customers readily identify your brand through a unique logo. Besides, it distinguishes your fashion brand from the market.

Hence beautifully designed packaging is a plus point for the brands and the consumers.

Hat boxes wholesale

The hats are a must whether on a road trip or a beach. Hence worldwide, the demand for hats is quite high. Everyone, from kids to adults, loves to wear them. And do you know what is the best? The hats are available in beautiful designs and colors.

So to meet the customer’s demand, the brands prefer hat boxes wholesale. It lowers the price per piece and benefits the retailers. It increases the profit margin, and the owners also get volume discounts.

In addition, it saves the planet from land and air pollution. Are you wondering how wholesale purchase benefits the environment? The bulk orders are shipped once, requiring less fuel and labor. As a result, it encourages the smart use of resources and lowers greenhouse gas emissions.

Eco-friendly hat packaging

You can order custom-printed hat boxes in kraft, rigid, or cardboard. It is an excellent packaging substrate for all the right reasons. First, let us discuss kraft packaging.

The cardboard hat boxes offer endless customization options. You can enhance the packaging with top-notch laminates, finishings, and decorations. Further, these boxes are shipped flat, quickly assembled, and guarantee frustration-free packaging!

What’s more? The cardboard and kraft hat packaging are 100% ecologically compatible. The bacteria break down it, and it gets absorbed into the soil. So large and small boxes degrade within two to three months. Wow, that’s incredible.

Rigid packaging

The name says it all! The rigid stock is stronger and more durable than the kraft and cardboard. Besides, it gives an exclusive and eye-catching look to the hat packaging. That’s why it’s pricy!

Further, the rigid material is quite versatile. For instance, it is available in foldable and non-foldable form. Hence fashion brands have a lot of box-style options. And the rigid stock is long-lasting and is also used for gift packaging.

Thus you can decorate the rigid stock with customized add-ons. And it includes PVC sheet, stickers, cards, ribbons, foil stamping, and much more. Lastly, it is unbeatable in style, creativity, and durability.

Accurate size packaging

Whether it is a fedora, panama, or beret hat, the right size box is much needed. The hats are famous for their unique shape. Hence it is important to ensure that the hats aren’t damaged during transit. And accurate size packaging is the best solution.

For example, an undersized box will ruin the hat’s texture, color, and shape. And if the box is low quality, the hat’s fabric gets wrinkled. Thus the packaging size and quality matter the most.

On the other hand, if the boxes for hat is oversized, it spoils the customer’s unboxing experience. After all, no one likes their hat floating around in the box. Everyone wants packaging that is perfect for hats.

So whether it’s a window or tuck front style, ensure it is designed perfectly. It lowers packaging waste and satisfies eco-friendly customers.

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Functional box styles

Is it possible to combine style and functionality elements in wholesale hat boxes? Emphatic YES! All you need is to select your favorite style and customize it in durable stock.

So take a look at the signature hat styles, and let’s get started

  • Tuck front
  • Two-piece box
  • Window boxes

Further, you can manufacture them in rigid, kraft, or cardboard. And you can use different colors and embellishments to enhance the packaging. All the styles mentioned above are easy to use and handy.

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